The strangest items ever handled by delivery services

Millions of packages are transported by delivery services each year, but every so often something rather out of the ordinary comes along. Delivery services around the world handle billions of packages every year, shifting goods via transport networks to every corner of the globe. Most of the consignments are manufactured goods, paperwork or household items, [...]

Will Supermarket Beauty Treatments Be The End Of The Traditional Beauty Salon?

With the news that supermarket giant Tesco is rolling out 70 of its in-store ‘Your Beauty Salon’ outlets throughout the country, does this mean the ritual of taking a beauty treatment in a traditional spa setting is under threat? Will we be doing the weekly shop and popping in for a massage or a pedicure [...]

Yacht Delivery on the Increase for Emerging Market Clients

High net worth individuals from the East are increasing their spend on big ticket items with new super yacht deliveries topping the ‘must buy’ list. A new report released this week shows that conspicuous consumption on high-end luxury goods has not abated despite the worldwide recession, with yacht delivery hitting the top of the expenditure [...]

Travelrobe Reveals It’s Best Selling Gatwick Airport Products

The travel group Travelrobe has revealed its top selling Gatwick Airport products which includes Gatwick Parking, Gatwick Hotels and Gatwick Lounges from its main airport site