Big bras now come in a wide range of stunning styles

The growing requirement for larger bra sizes or plus size bras, as they are also known has meant that many ranges of lingerie now offer D cup and above bra sizes. Certain brands now specifically offer big bras, which cater for the woman with a larger requirement. is an online resource which is popular [...]

Playtex lingerie offers sumptuous Bras and Briefs

Playtex lingerie offers something for everyone. An eclectic brand name that is renowned and reputable within the lingerie market, Playtex now offer an innovative range of new collections which combine beautiful fabrics with stunning designs. The Playtex trademark bra was originally the cross your heart classics and that is still one of the most popular [...]

The Elomi lingerie offers an impressive array of choice

When it comes to lingerie, the name Elomi stands head and shoulders above many others, for those who are looking for beautifully elegant and stylish lingerie for the fuller figure. The brand has become synonymous with comfort, style and elegance. The Elomi lingerie range encompasses a wide range of options catering for many differing styles [...]

The Kenwood chef KM010 is the perfect addition to the kitchen of all budding chefs

In times past, the kitchen environment, far from the high-tech nature of today, was a place where elbow grease and a sweaty brow occurred in tandem. The preparation of food was no mean feat; often requiring those who bore the brunt to slave away for hours. In the kitchen, it seems, no task escapes the [...]

Playtex lingerie offers a unique style

When it comes to underwear, Playtex is a renowned brand which simply exudes class and trendy styling. This unique and unrivalled brand name has become one of the most respected brand names for the discerning woman with a voluptuous physique, who is looking for stunning elegance and appeal. Playtex lingerie is available in an array [...]

Top 10 gifts for men this Christmas

One top UK online retailer of activity experiences has revealed the best selling gifts for men in the run up to the festive season. The countdown to Christmas has begun and one online retailer specialising in gifts for men has just published its top 10 male-orientated gifts for the year to date. Into the Blue [...]

Fantasie lingerie is a sensual option

The Fantasie Lingerie range is renowned for its sensual and provocative nature. The Fantasie range incorporates a wide and diverse array of stunning collections that evoke sensuality, quality and beauty. In addition, many of the collections also cater for the woman who requires larger bra sizes, with sizes up to JJ available. is the [...]

The Tefal Actifry best price from dontbuy4more is less than £100.

There is no doubt that as a nation we have become far more health conscious over the last decade, with numerous dietary innovations offering health improving benefits such as the 5 a day campaign. One of the most important elements when it comes to weight and general health is the amount of fat in the [...]

Teddies are as popular as ever

Teddy bears have always been a popular choice with the consumer, due to their endearing and aesthetic appeal as well as their cuddly nature. As teddies have evolved, so has their appealing allure, with numerous differing styles available that cater for young and old alike and diverse and individual requirements. Whether large, small, pink or [...]

Surf and outdoor clothing website proves popular

When it comes to surf clothing or outdoor clothing in general, there is no doubt that those who partake in adrenaline fuelled outdoor sports, demand clothing that offers an individuality and a style that is unrivalled. Vibrant colours intermixed with stunning designs, and manufactured with hard wearing and durable materials are the prerequisites of good [...]

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