Refurbished laptops offer an affordable and viable option

When it comes to technology such as laptops, the ability to utilise or access the Internet whilst on the move, or conduct work is a useful feature of a mobile device such as a laptop which explains their popularity. One of the issues for many however is the inherent cost involved, especially in the current [...]

Air conditioned server cabinets offer multiple benefits

More and more companies are now utilising computers for almost every facet of business, whether involved in manufacturing, processing orders, general administration or online business. For this reason it is imperative that the relevant equipment utilised is kept at an optimum level to ensure performance, reliability and stability. This is where the benefits of air [...]

Maximize Your Nintendo DS with an R4i SDHC

The Nintendo DS is popular line of portable game consoles. Although this description is adequate for most purposes, it understates the functionality of these devices. Because aside from having superior gaming capabilities, they have a host of multimedia functions as well. But in order to realize the full multimedia potential of your device, a memory [...]

Innovative online resource offers affordable selection of laptop computers

Laptop computers are one of the most utilised pieces of technology in every home. Whether stowed under the stairs perched on a desk or placed permanently on the knee of a social media enthusiast, laptops and computers dominate modern life. However, aside from the domestic chores, laptops are also used by those who require a [...]

Ingenious online resource provides advice on automatic number plate recognition

There is no doubt that advances in technology have revolutionised and simplified many facets of daily life. Within the traffic management arena, one of the most important advances relates to ANPR or automatic number plate recognition, which offers the ability to automatically monitor vehicles by virtue of sophisticated cameras and technology. This type of technology [...]

Popular PDF software offers simple means to merge PDFs

PDF’s are an industry standard file type, which are commonly utilised. They offer a multitude of benefits compared to standard file types, and are universally recognised. One of the main difficulties when utilising PDF files is when looking to merge PDF’s, which is where PDF Xchange Pro comes in. This popular PDF software, which is [...]

Aerial Photography & Pole Photography

Photos that Look Different! Sports Photography, Journalism, Architecture, Surveying, Inspection Marketing of property plus many more applications. There are many reasons to get your camera elevated. Photographers often take time in finding a decent point to take elevated photography. Because it is not that easy or cost effective – we forget that UP in the [...]

Time-Lapse Photography has never been easier

Time-lapse photography is a fairly simple procedure where one frame or image is taken at predetermined times. These images are then stitched together to form a continuous video stream which gives the effect of slow motion being faster – Hence the term ‘Time Lapse’ photography. Time-lapse photography was first used at the beginning of the [...]

The HTC Flyer is a stylish addition to the tablet arena

The HTC Flyer is a new tablet from HTC which is expected to become extremely popular. The unit is due to be released soon and combines aesthetic appeal with advanced levels of technology within a unit that has dimensions of 195 mm by 122 mm wide and is only 13 mm thick. The tablet makes [...]

Disc repair service offers a cost effective alternative

There are numerous occasions when a disc can become damaged and not function, which for discs such as games console games discs can prove to be costly. However it is no longer necessary to spend money to replace your favourite disc. For a fraction of the cost, you can now have your discs professionally repaired [...]

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