The Nokia 6303i Classic offers classic styling with effective technology

The Nokia 6303i Classic is aptly named, providing as it does a classically styled Nokia handset, which has been brought up to date by the inclusion of a variety of useful functions and features. The unit is a compact unit measuring 108 mm x 46 mm wide whilst being 11 millimetres thick and weighing only [...]

The Nokia 2710 Navigation offers an effective satellite navigation option

The Nokia 2710 Navigation is aptly named, comprising as it does, of a range of useful technology, based on providing effective satellite navigation. The unit is styled in a typically Nokia styled handset which is 111 mm x 45 mm wide whilst being 13 mm thick and being rather lightweight at only 87 g in [...]

The Orange Miami Black is a recent colour variant

The Orange Miami Black offers simplistic style and effective functionality combined with affordability that engenders it to the consumer. Available in a variety of colours this latest black colour variant gives it an aesthetic appeal which is unmatched. The unit measures 105 mm x 12 mm thick and is 50 mm wide and comes with [...]

The Samsung Genio Slide is now available in a white colour variant

The Samsung Genio Slide White is the latest colour variant of this particularly popular handset which offers both expressive functionality and the means by which to effectively enter data by virtue of its QWERTY keyboard. The unit measures 105 mm x 50 mm wide and is also 15 mm thick whilst weighing 135 g in [...]

The Sony Ericsson Zylo offers tempting features

The Sony Ericsson Zylo is a handset that is due to be released soon, offering a wide range of functionality within a stylish slider style handset. The unit measures 103 mm x 52 mm wide whilst being 11 mm thick and weighs 115 g. The unit comes with a 2.6 inch TFT display screen that [...]

The T-Mobile Pulse Mini offers effective social media integration

The T-Mobile Pulse Mini is a handset that offers a wide range of useful functionality incorporated within a casing which is both stylish and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The handset incorporates various elements relating to social networking and media integration and such will prove to be a popular handset for those requiring access whilst [...]

Innovative contact form website offers advice and guidance

When in business, obtaining potential client information is an essential part of growth of any business, whether online or off-line. With numerous companies now having an online presence, the emergence of effective contact forms, provides the means to obtain a wide range of potential clientele information in an effective manner. provides advice and guidance [...]

Gas website discusses the virtues of natural gas

Gas, as a fossil fuel is one of the worlds main energy products. As has been indicated by numerous scientific investigations, our natural reserves of gas are running low. This means that as a global community we need to be looking at alternative sources of energy to provide effective energy resources for the future. [...]

Effectively compare car rentals with an innovative search engine

The ability to compare car rentals offers a simple and effective means of gathering a wide array of information and prices within the confines of a single location. In Australia an innovative website offers the ability to compare a wide range of available car rentals ensuring the cheapest car rental rates in Australia. is [...]

Effective clients advice provided by informative website

When starting a business one of the key facets of growth is the ability to obtain and retain clients. Through a variety of marketing means, clients can be obtained, at a cost, however as many find to their detriment the retention of a client is a far more cost effective means of business growth than [...]

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