Possible interest rate rise will increase debt problems for millions

The recent report on inflation showing that it has increased to 4.0% has heightened concerns regarding an interest rate rise. This may be good news for savers, but it would not be good news for the millions who are walking an extremely thin line between managing financially and those who are teetering on the edge [...]

Finding a reliable debt management company is easy with confuseddebt

A recent report by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has highlighted the risks associated with dealing with some debt management companies. In an unprecedented move, the licences of over 40 debt management companies have or are shortly to be revoked. This is due to the OFT uncovering issues with the relevant compliance of these [...]

Debt management advice offers peace of mind

Inherently one of the biggest problems that many consumers face when a recession takes its toll is the fact that many of us are left with debt problems. This has become evident within the UK in recent months, with growing numbers of individuals looking for debt management advice, as well as information and guidance regarding [...]

Debt comparison website sees an exponential increase in enquiries for debt solutions

The global recession, as testified by the recent Irish bailout, is continuing to cause problems with no end in sight. The fallout of the recession is the stark reality, that for many the soaring levels of debt that we have unfortunately become accustomed to, has become in many respects unbearable for a growing number of [...]

Take the worry out of debt with effective debt help

An unfortunate consequence of the recent financial demise of the UK and global banking system has been the amount of debt that the average consumer within the UK is currently dealing with. Due to the fact that funding criteria has changed dramatically, has meant that many are no longer able to service their debts and [...]