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Elomi are an eclectic lingerie supplier who has earned an enviable reputation for outstanding aesthetic appeal, comfort and support. Probably best known for their smoothing foam moulded range of bras, Elomi continue to offer everything a woman desires from her lingerie. Www.upliftedlingerie.co.uk is an innovative online resource which offers the comprehensive Elomi range and more, [...]

The Elomi lingerie offers an impressive array of choice

When it comes to lingerie, the name Elomi stands head and shoulders above many others, for those who are looking for beautifully elegant and stylish lingerie for the fuller figure. The brand has become synonymous with comfort, style and elegance. The Elomi lingerie range encompasses a wide range of options catering for many differing styles [...]

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Elomi are a brand which are revered by many who wear their lingerie products and justifiably so as they provide extensive ranges of lingerie which are in many ways the ultimate in comfort, style and sophistication. Www.upliftedlingerie.co.uk is an online resource which has gained notoriety for offering outstanding quality lingerie including the Elomi range, at [...]

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The Elomi brand of lingerie is renowned for offering elegant, supportive and comfortable lingerie that has panache and sophistication that in many ways is unrivalled. Within the UK, one of the most prestigious online resources, that offers a comprehensive array of the Elomi lingerie range is www.upliftedlingerie.co.uk. The Elomi range is aimed at the woman [...]

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Elomi Bras have become renowned for their popular smoothing foam moulding style of bras, which in essence offer an appealing plunge bra effect, for women with the fuller figure. With bra cup sizes from D to K cup available within the collection, this renowned brand, has encapsulated femininity in every way within their designs. For [...]

Elomi lingerie caters for the woman with a fuller figure

When it comes to lingerie, there are few brands that cater specifically for the woman who has a fuller figure. This is where the renowned Elomi brand comes into its own, providing as it does a range of lingerie that offers elegance and comfort for women who have a larger size requirement. Www.upliftedlingerie.co.uk is one [...]

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When it comes to bras, the name Elomi, is one of the most renowned and respected, featuring stunning ranges which cater for a wide and diverse array of desires and requirements. As far as online resources offering the Elomi brand, one of the most respected and renowned is the website www.upliftedlingerie.co.uk, which has gained a [...]

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Elomi has become a brand which is renowned for elegance and comfort, with a line of lingerie which has earned an enviable reputation. As with any form of lingerie, the discerning woman desires aesthetic appeal as well as robust quality and manufacture. Elomi offer an impressive array of lingerie-based products such as the popular Elomi [...]

Elomi bras offer a unique style

When it comes to lingerie that offers both style and sophistication, Elomi are a brand which is recognised around the world. Their eclectic range of lingerie offers affordable luxury, coupled with an aesthetic appeal which is unrivalled. Within the UK one of the leading online resources offering a stunning array of Elomi bras and lingerie, [...]

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When it comes to lingerie, Elomi is a brand which epitomises sophistication and chic styling. This particular brand has become one of the leading brands for the discerning woman with a fuller figure, who is looking for unadulterated elegance and comfort. Elomi lingerie is available in a variety of collections, all of which are available [...]