Fantasie Bras come in an impressive array of styles and colours

Fantasie Bras are renowned the world over for comfort, style and support as well as aesthetic appeal. The brand provides a broad range of collections which cater for all manner of occasions and circumstances. One of the key elements of the Fantasie range is the fact that they offer larger bras sizes, from D cup [...]

Fantasie lingerie is a sensual option

The Fantasie Lingerie range is renowned for its sensual and provocative nature. The Fantasie range incorporates a wide and diverse array of stunning collections that evoke sensuality, quality and beauty. In addition, many of the collections also cater for the woman who requires larger bra sizes, with sizes up to JJ available. is the [...]

Fantasie Bras and Briefs available at discount prices

When it comes to finding engaging and stunning lingerie, Fantasie is a company which incorporates and has become renowned for sophistication and fashionable styling. This unique brand has become one of the best known manufacturers of lingerie for the discerning woman with larger requirements, who is seeking stunning elegance and appeal. For the shopper who [...]

The Fantasie lingerie range offers something for everyone

Fantasie lingerie is renowned the world over for offering style, comfort and quality as well as aesthetic appeal. The range or collections of lingerie available from this innovative lingerie supplier, caters for and provides a multitude of options which deliver support, comfort and style in every way. is one of the U.K.’s leading online [...]

Fantasie Bras offer excellent support, shape and quality

Fantasie is a renowned and a reputable brand of lingerie that has gained an enviable reputation for both quality and outstanding aesthetic appeal. They encompass a broad range of lingerie including Fantasie bras, with collections that provide a menagerie of choice for the discerning shopper. One of the leading online resources, which has gained equal [...]

Fantasie lingerie is aptly named

The Fantasie range of lingerie is renowned for quality and aesthetic appeal which is unrivalled. Their array of styles and designs cater for a broad range of desires and requirements, whilst also offering bra sizes up to JJ size. The brand has a reputation for offering contour hugging smooth lines which enhance the female form, [...]

Fantasie Bra sale proves popular

In the current economic climate it is unsurprising that consumers are looking to make their hard earned money go further. Austerity measures, the rising cost of living including food and fuel are putting unrivalled pressure on the purse strings of society. However, retailers are also feeling the pinch, as the consumer spends less, so the [...]

Sophisticated Fantasie lingerie offers aesthetic appeal

Fantasie is a brand of lingerie that is associated with sophistication and style. Their impressive range of lingerie encompasses an eclectic selection of styles that caters for a multitude of requirements. One of the key elements of the Fantasie range is that they cater for the woman who has larger bra size requirements, in essence [...]

Fantasie Bras offer an unrivalled style

Bras come in a variety of sizes, shapes and sizes to cater for the many differing requirements of women. The multitude and numerous choices available can sometimes make it difficult to choose a relevant style that fits the individuality of a woman, which is where the online resource comes in, providing as it does [...]

Fantasie lingerie offers unadulterated style and appeal

Fantasie lingerie is an eclectic range of underwear which has gained an impressive reputation for both quality of product and aesthetic appeal. The Fantasie range incorporates a wide array of differing styles which come under a variety of names, such as the Ava range, which is a functional yet stylish collection which include seam free [...]

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