This weeks hottest mobile phone deals and the latest on the iPhone 5

This week is the start of a new weekly news service which will detail the latest and hottest deals on the current ranges of phones as well as provide a summary of up and coming news about handsets and deals that are available through our website. One of the hottest topics within the mobile phone [...]

Free pay as you go dongle offer available from Incahoot, a group-buying community that provides its members with savings on core household bills, is offering a free Pay As You Go dongle to people who purchase any mobile phone on contract, as part of its mobile phone deals. Incahoot, which uses the collective buying power of its members to negotiate discounts across insurance, mobile [...]

Incahoot offers the latest mobile phone deals including the iconic iPhone 4

The age of the smart phone is well and truly upon us, the age of mind blowing technology and ever ingenious applications. It appears everybody now boasts these handheld devices to the point that they have become integral to the daily functioning of our lives. However, this instrumental rise in public popularity has bought with [...]

Find the best mobile phone deals through ingenious online resource

There is no doubt that the humble mobile phone has literally transformed our lives, to the point that we are inherently dependant upon them. They are utilised in everyday life, whether used for a definitive business purpose or purchased to meet the demands of a rigorous social group, the demands for mobiles is excessive, and [...]

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Frugal is a word that is being frequently used in normal everyday vocabulary since the recent recession. Its essence revolves around the fact that we are all looking for the best deals available to make our hard earned money go further. This is no more apparent than in the fast moving mobile phone market, with [...]

Incahoot saves the consumer money

The recent financial difficulties caused by the recession, are still prevalent, as testified by the general public’s growing frugal nature. With this in mind, one particular online resource, called Incahoot has gained an enviable notoriety for offering the ability to make significant savings on a wide array of products and services including mobile phone and [...]

If You Don’t Ask You Don’t Get: Consumers Fail To Negotiate On Household Bills

Nearly two thirds of Britons(61%) are more worried about their household bills than they were this time last year, but are failing to do anything about it, according to new research commissioned by Incahoot, the new group buying site that launches today. In interviews with over 1,000 adults*, only 14% of those interviewed said they’d [...]