Personalised Teddy Bears Offer A Unique Form Of Personalised Gifts

Teddy bears have always been a popular choice as a gift for a loved one. Their inherent appeal and the fact that they come in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles is one of the key reasons for its endearing longevity. Personalised teddy bears are one of the most popular options, providing the means [...]

Ingenious website provides an impressive array of unique bridesmaids gifts

When it comes to purchasing a gift for a bridesmaid, although there may be a variety of options and choices available, many are the standard cliche style gifts that require little imagination or thought. A unique gift, that is different from the normal run of the mill type of gift, is often considered a more [...]

Unique Gifts, or Personalised Gifts for Christmas asks a Leading Retailer

With Christmas fast approaching and less than 6 weeks to go before the big festivities begin it is now time to think of what to buy and where to get it from if you have not already. A leading retailer is warning that consumers need to be vigilant and keep their eyes peeled for [...]

Teddy Bears Collection Worth Over 1 Million Pounds

With one of the finest teddy bear collections having an estimated value of over 1 million pounds by the renowned Christies in London (Source – ) it is apparent that teddy bear gifts are becoming ever more popular. At this time of year there is such a variety of unique gifts available that it [...]

Innovative website offers an impressive range of personalised gifts

One of the difficulties, with the huge amount of choice available when looking to purchase a gift is how to find a gift that is personal. Few gifts can elicit the same emotion as personalised teddy bears. Soft and cuddly they engender a feeling of warmth that is difficult to match. is an innovative [...]