Playtex lingerie offers sumptuous Bras and Briefs

Playtex lingerie offers something for everyone. An eclectic brand name that is renowned and reputable within the lingerie market, Playtex now offer an innovative range of new collections which combine beautiful fabrics with stunning designs. The Playtex trademark bra was originally the cross your heart classics and that is still one of the most popular [...]

Playtex lingerie offers a unique style

When it comes to underwear, Playtex is a renowned brand which simply exudes class and trendy styling. This unique and unrivalled brand name has become one of the most respected brand names for the discerning woman with a voluptuous physique, who is looking for stunning elegance and appeal. Playtex lingerie is available in an array [...]

Playtex Bras are a cut above the rest

Playtex lingerie offers something different, and has become one of the most renowned lingerie brands in the world. Their collections display impressive characteristics such as sumptuous comfort and support which in many ways makes the brand unrivalled in the lingerie market. is an online resource which has become a focal point for the discerning [...]

Cheap Playtex Bras on offer

Playtex are renowned for offering lingerie which fits perfectly, and offers excellent shape, comfort and support. For this reason it is one of the most popular brands for those looking for beautiful lingerie. Their collections incorporate a wide and diverse array of styles to cater for a multitude of situations and desires. is one [...]

Playtex Bras are as popular as ever

Playtex bras are renowned the world over for simplistic yet feminine styling with comfort, support and aesthetic appeal as their central tenement. The Playtex bra range incorporates a wide selection of options which cater for a multitude of desires and requirements, for the individual who enjoys beautiful luxury coupled with comfort. is the favoured [...]

Playtex lingerie is the epitome of class

The lingerie brand Playtex is a world renowned brand, with an esteemed history for offering stunning, visually appealing and comfortable lingerie. Playtex have always been at the forefront of lingerie, and in their current range offer sumptuous collections and styles, which are revered the world over. Within the UK,, is the online location that [...]

Playtex Bras and Briefs offer sumptuous support and style

Playtex have been a well-known and respected brand for many years, with a reputation for outstanding quality, sumptuous support and an aesthetic appeal which is second to none. Probably better known for their criss-cross, or cross your heart classic styling, they now encompasses a wide and diverse range of lingerie which caters for the larger [...]

Playtex offer a stunning array of alternative options

When it comes to bras, the name Playtex has for some time been a renowned and respected brand that have offers women, sophistication, style and supportive forms of lingerie for many years. Probably best known for its traditional Cross your heart style, Playtex is justifiably one of the most popular brands of bra available. The [...]

Playtex Bras provide comfort and support when needed

When it comes to Bras, Playtex are a well known and respected brand who have a reputation for offering impressive collections, which provide the ultimate comfort and support combined with beautiful fabrics and style. It is brand which amongst others offers bras for women with larger bra requirements as they offer sizes up to G [...]

Playtex lingerie offers something different

Playtex is a brand that most would recognise as one of the most popular brands of Bras. It has become synonymous with style and a perfect fit, which also provides support when needed most. It is also one of the most popular brands reviewed through the popular lingerie website,, which offers not only Playtex [...]